Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Photo Challenge - Thankful for Geneva Claire!

Today is a pretty easy one - we are thankful for Geneva Claire as it's her 1st birthday today!

She's starting to attempt steps & getting a bit more fearless. She has climbed UP a slide on the playground with no help! Her knees & hands are always dirty as she crawls around the tile floors. She's sleeping TONS still - 11ish hours at night, a 2-3 hour morning nap and a 1-2 hour afternoon nap. She's waving, blowing kisses, shaking her head yes & no and tries to say "Hi doggy" every time she sees the dogs.  She's got 7 teeth, her hair has lightened quite a bit being here and she's a typical Dutch girl with bright blue eyes. She's a pretty happy and content little one and is quite popular with some of the secondary students at HOPAC. I show up with the girls to pick up Marc & Isaac and a few of Marc's students always come over & whisk Geneva away to play. She loves music & tries to sing along and dance when she hears it. She's not much of a cuddle bug unless she's not feeling well - sitting still doesn't seem to be her 'thing'. Many Swahili speakers think her name is Jennifer...if you say Geneva "Gen-e-va" with an accent it sounds just like Jennifer! Fitting, as she looks so much like her Auntie Jen, Marc's sister!

We love our little Eva and are so thankful for her!


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  1. Beautiful pictures of a precious child! Happy Birthday to Geneva!