Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November Photo Challenge - Isaac Daniel

Isaac is doing really well here. I was a bit apprehensive about all day, every day school for him - and honestly for me too. It's a big transition to have your oldest not be home with you most of the day! He absolutely loves HOPAC and his class. He's making some good friends, though he still misses his friends & cousins back home.

In Kindergarten, Isaac is one of three Americans. His classmates are from all over the globe. He's learning Swahili, taking swimming lessons, and beginning to read. He and another little girl (who has already claimed him as her husband in the future!) were voted by their class to be the KG reps on student council. That means each Wednesday, Isaac misses a break period and goes to meet with the other student council reps to talk about things in the school. He takes it pretty seriously and gets excited about coming up with ideas.

He's starting to understand that not all of the children in his class and in our neighborhood are believers in Jesus. He's wondered about a few of them and been so bold to ask a few as well. We are trying to teach him how to be a good friend, despite differences in belief. He came home excited the other day, saying, "Mom! Did you know that Josh, Daniel & Timothy (our Pastors kids) are here for the same reason we are? To tell people about Jesus!"

Those who know Isaac know that he can be a bit, um, intense at times and can get easily frustrated when things don't go as he hopes. He's still got those moments at school, but his teachers handle him beautifully. We continue to use the phrase that he learned last year in Young 5's - "You get what you get & you don't throw a fit!".

One of the things I'm loving is our family Bible & prayer time each evening. Most nights, we gather together & read a Bible story and then we take turns prayer. Hope is still repeating after us mostly, but Isaac has started to really pray. He's picking up things from listening to us, his teachers at school and church. What a sacred job to raise a child. We are so thankful for the ease of his transition to life in Africa, for his friendly, caring, eager attitude and his love for God!

I had a video of Isaac helping to lead motions for a song during International Day in front of the whole school! It wouldn't load -  pole sana (very sorry!)


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