Friday, July 31, 2015

Stocking up.

We are leaving 2 weeks from tomorrow, so we continue to stock up on things we will need for the next two years. We are trying to save up for rent, but also know that these things are cheaper here than in TZ or are not available in TZ, so would love to get them here before leaving. Thanks to those who have already helped us cross many things off our list.

If you'd like to help by picking up any of the following items, let us know what so we can cross it off our list!

* Bug spray - 4 bottles (pump, not aerosol)
* T-Gel Shampoo (6 bottles)
* 4 tension rods for small windows
* Black Beans (12 bags of dried)
* Deodorant - 6 for G (Dove unscented), 6 for M
* Face lotion for G - 3 bottles - Meijer "elements" with SPF (knock off of Oil of Olay face lotion)
* Nasal decongestant - 5 boxes (Sudafed or Meijer brand with pseudoephedrine)
* Crystal Light packets for pitchers - 10 containers
* Razors for G - venus disposable or something like it. 8 razors
>* Hat for Geneva

* Rain coat for Isaac & Geneva
* Rain coat for Gretchen
* Money for Gretchen to get a pair of nicer 'church' sandals.
* Money for Gretchen to get 2 new bras
* Box of cherrios
* Box of chex cereal
* 3 bags of goldfish crackers
* 3 bags of goldfish pretzel crackers
* 1 container of mixed nuts
* dust buster or small shop-vac
* Make-up for Gretchen
* laser printer + ink cartridges
* Guitar pick up
* Size 6 & 7 bathing suits

There is a lot of music I would love to download for my worship teams, so iTunes gift cards are amazing. Also, we could always use Meijer gift cards or cash gifts to help cover some other costs (guitar strings, guitar repair, gas, immunization costs, dentist visits, groceries the next two weeks, help cover postage for mailings, etc)

Thanks friends!