Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Photo Challenge - KG Assembly

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the primary school at HOPAC has assembly. They worship, have prayer, sing the TZ national anthem, and listen to a teacher share a message. Each grade also gets to lead a chapel - I think each term.

This past Friday was the KG turn. Isaac had been counting down the days for over a week. He rehearsed his line. He told me about an itchy hat he had to wear. He was excited for me to come and watch!

Isaac and his friend Caroline.

This is Isaac's teacher, Mrs. Jana.

God made everyone SPECIAL!

Isaac's line was "God made the world a home for all people and gave everyone a special place in it" They talked about how God made Chine for the Chinese, Germany for the Germans, etc. The last line was "And HOPAC for the HOPACIANS!" :)

A few kids participated in a skit - the broken pot. Isaac was the farmer. Older students read the lines in the microphone and the kids had to act it out. Isaac actually mouthed the words as if he was saying them. He really did an excellent job!

The broken pot noticing the beautiful flowers she helped to grow by leaking water each day
while the farmer walked the path.

Good shot of Isaac mouthing his lines.

They sang a few songs as well - Isaac is in the back row- green shirt.

Isaacs colorful class! They were allowed to wear dark shorts & bright tops instead of their uniforms!

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