Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A group came to visit & you won't BELIEVE what they said when they left...

In true BUZZFEED fashion, I'm going to attempt to use catchy titles like this for my future blog posts, which will certainly increase my readship, no? Made YOU click the link, didn't it? :)

We had five visitors last week and so much to share about what they saw, learned and experienced here in Dar Es Salaam! We have two groups coming in 2015, with a potential third group as well. I thought I would break down our week for you, in case YOU want to come for a visit or bring your own group! Karibuni (You are all welcome!)

In order to not make this post too long, I'll post a few days at a time.

Saturday: Picked up Kyle, Jake and Selina (connected to Marc through his previous school) from the airport middle of the night. They slept for a few hours and then we headed to the Artisan Market. It was over 50 booths/vendors of artists that made hand crafted items ranging from beaded jewelry, clothing, hand woven sheets, music and SO much more. These artisans are all trying to make a living using their handiworks. For example, there is a drug rehab group there - they teach these women a skill in order to make a living. Or an AIDS widows group who makes purses to provide and income as their spouse has died from AIDS. This takes place on the penninsula, where a lot of international folks live, so they didn't quite feel like they were in the minority yet. We came home to my dear Tanzanian friend, Lucy, who prepared a traditional dinner of rice, beans and mchicha for dinner. She ate with us and shared a bit about her life and culture here in TZ and her heart for sharing the Gospel message! She's an amazing woman.

Selina, Lucy and Jake

Jake and his dad, Kyle, on the beach for devotion time.
Sunday: Marc picked up Erica (my former youth group student - now just friend!)and her friend Kelsey at the airport middle of the night. We arrived at church, God's Tribe, at 8:30am for me to have worship rehersal and the rest of the group had personal devotions on the beach of the Indian Ocean. It was a beautiful morning.

Our Pastor preached on spiritual gifts, and it was neat to see that theme resurface during the week with our guests.

Marc took the WMC group to Kurusini orphanage after church for several hours. They learned about the orphanage from the director and spent time playing games, football and just loving the kids there.

I took Erica and Kelsey to a local market to do a little sovenier shopping. We also visited the TingaTinga co-op, which is an art school for tingatinga art. They had spent 2 weeks in Uganda and had been working with kids the whole time. We all arrived home for a homemade pizza dinner and spent some time discussing what had stirred our heart that day over dinner.
The Slipway market is on the penninsula, so we had to get an ocean shot!

Kelsey & Erica at the TingaTinga co-op

Stay tuned for Monday and Tuesday!