I remember when Marc and I knew we were going to get married. One night we had been at my sister & brother in laws house hanging out. We were saying goodbye in the street before headed home and we were talking about our relationship and future marriage. I remember Marc said something about God using our marriage for big things. I felt the same. At that point, both of us had an interest in serving overseas in some capacity, though we had no idea what that might look like. Our first year of marriage we prayed quite a bit about it. Marc started back at school at Kuyper college, and we were just going to 'get him through' with a fine arts degree, which wouldn't really qualify him to do anything specific, but at least he would have a degree.

Then we started looking into options, ELIC (a program in which you teach English in China) being one of them. We applied. We interviewed. We were accepted. There was a potential to earn a Masters Degree while we did this, which was very appealing as well. As we researched into it, Marc would not have been able to get his Masters, as he didn't have a 'teachable' major. This put this on hold for us and I remember having various conversations about our priorities: international service, Marc having a usable degree, and having children. We decided to put doing international service after Marc finishing (and starting) a usable degree, and children.

Marc changed his major & started plucking away.

That's right around the time when I decided to search for a new job that would be a little more tailored to being a working mom. If we were going to stay in the States and start a family, I needed something where I wasn't gone close to 50 nights of the year like I was at Sunshine.

I sent my resume to Plymouth Heights & remember telling Marc on the phone when I pulled in the parking lot for the interview that I felt 'home'. I knew it was a fit and have loved my role at PH ever since then.

Marc graduated from Kuyper College and Cornerstone University in the spring of 2010. At that time, we looked at positions for him all across the country and internationally. He had interviews all over & ended up with an offer from Western Michigan Christian in Muskegon, MI. Not quite the 'adventure' we thought we might take, but we were every so grateful for a position that seemed like a great fit. 

He had a fantastic first year. He did a wonderful job and was received by both co-workers and students incredibly well. He often says that his worst day teaching is still better than his best day working in a factory 2nd shift (which he did full time as he went to school).

Despite my love for my ministry and Marc's passion for his job, the longing for doing international service had not left. That's where the first blog post starts up and this particular story begins!

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