Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Photo Challenge - Our House

When we first decided to move to Africa, some of my initial thoughts were about our housing situation. Where would we live? What would it look like? Would it be small? Would it be in a neighborhood? Would there be a yard? Where will the kids play? It's Africa...and while I knew it wouldn't be a mud/straw hut, I didn't really know what to expect.

Where we live doesn't look ANYTHING like what I anticipated.

It's big - 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms (room for guests!). It has a large yard. It's not really in a neighborhood. There is one house directly next to us, but our property has a wall around it, so it's not the same as what you'd imagine. It's comfortable - there is plenty of room - actually more than enough room. As a family, we love having people over & have great space to do that here.

We are in this furnished house for this year. Then, the family comes back from their home assignment back to Dar & will either a) move right back in and we'll find a new place and have to furnish it or b) move into a different house & obviously take their furnishings.

Either way, we realize that beginning in the New Year, we'll have to slowly start collecting things for our home - everything from couches, beds, table/chairs to mosquito nets, pots & pans, bathroom rugs. We cannot express what a blessing it's been to not have to worry about those things this year, as SO much is already new. We have already begun praying about where God will have us next year & we look forward to seeing how it will all unfold. God has certainly provided for all our needs here and we pray we will be good stewards of his gifts.
Looking from the entry way into the living room. The door at the back goes to the bedrooms/bathrooms. We lock & bolt this door at night to separate the back part of the house from the front part.
Living Room

Kitchen. Lots of space in it, though a small single sink (and remember, no dishwasher!)
Dining room. Windows look out onto the front porch, where the big dogs are usually napping.



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