Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"He sees you and remembers you today."

For the last seven days, I feel like God has been showing off. 

In my Bible Study this week (Beth Moore:1 & 2 Thessalonians), one of the points in the video was this: 

"Often we hope God is at work, but sometimes we get to know it (1 Thess 1:5)".

This has been my experience the last seven days - KNOWING that God is at work. 

Really it started last week Wednesday, when I gathered the email addresses of those who wrote to say they'd like to join our prayer team, and I sent out the first prayer team email. This is something we've needed for a long time, finally asked for, and are so grateful to those who are joining us in more intentional prayer about our future here at HOPAC and in Tanzania. So I sent out the email in the afternoon, we had our church Life Group that night, and we went to bed. 

Thursday morning, I woke up and for whatever reason, decided to check my email before even getting out of bed. 

First email: "We just made a donation of $2000 to you through CRWM. While we know that you will be grateful for the gift, our desire is for you to see this as God's gift to you - a reminder that He sees you and remembers you today. We're just excited to be his hands to transfer the money to you."

WHAT?!?! I actually started laughing and crying at the same time. I'm actually tearing up reading this again. Not only because of the incredible financial gift that it is, but because of the heart behind it. Isaac heard me and came into our room, asking if I was laughing or crying, and why. I was able to share with him what the email was about, and he had to wipe away his own tears. Our kids are learning some valuable lessons right along with us. 

And if that wasn't enough, God continued to work. 

Second email: A church is having a conversation about possibly supporting us.

WHAT?!?! The pastor of this church is someone we've known for around six or so years, and he and his family have personally supported us from the beginning. The church will have a meeting in December, but the deacons of the church are proposing that the church begin supporting us in 2016. Again, this is an incredible financial gift and answer to prayer, but with a church partnership comes so much more than money. We will have another WHOLE CHURCH to share with about what God is doing here in Tanzania and to have praying for us! This is incredible!

And if that wasn't enough, God continued to work.

Third email: A church is going to take a special offering for us.

WHAT?!?! The missions committee of this partner church felt burdened for us after our last prayer letter, so requested a special offering from the deacons and it was approved. How can you deny the hand of the Lord in all of this?

Many tears have poured from my eyes these last seven days. I just cannot keep from being so overwhelmed by God's goodness and faithfulness. We feel humbled and affirmed. We feel, as the first email said, that God has "seen us and remembered us".

It's been a week of KNOWING that God is at work. He is working in out situation. He is working in us. He is working in the world around us. I am praising God for his sovereign hand and that he has shown us so many glimpses of his work in our lives!