Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quirks & Oddities

We have bars on all our windows & doors for safety. This is one of our windows in the living room/entry way of our new house. First, you can see the loving care that went into painting the room (!!) - we've been scraping paint off the floor since we moved in. Haven't even attempted the windows (and screens) yet. BUT, just take a moment and think about the chore of cleaning your windows on the inside & having to navigate around the bars. Not an easy task!  caption

We are so glad to have an actual bath tub for bathing the kids.
Many homes do not have a tub.
 However, the faucet for the tub is directly above the SIDE of the tub,
and just spreads water along the wall.
Eventually it gets into the tub for a bath.  


Again, this is common here, but different from the States. We don't have a gas line
in our house, so we just have a gas tank directly next to our stove. Yes, I've run out of
gas before in the middle of cooking. :)

Sink in our dining room. This really isn't an 'oddity' here though.
It's common to have a sink in the dining room of your house or
restuarant to wash your hands before and after eating. Espeically
because you're more likely to use your hands to eat here.

One of the nice things about this house is that INCLUEDED were air conditioners in our bedroom
and the living room, and also a water heater. Those
are typically NOT included in the hosue and you
have to buy them separate if you want them.
I love how
they covered up the cords/wires with some folded cardboard...they could've painted the cardboard at least! Ha!

The other piece of folded cardboard to cover cords.
I didn't want to open that cabinet anyways...

Again, blessed to have a water heater, but it's much different that the States.
Here, you have to turn the heater on a while before you want to take
a shower/bath in order for it to heat up. We've gotten quite used to doing this, and
in the hot season this past year we really didn't even use the water heater, but
for 'winter' like right now, it's so nice to have!
Yes, that's the shower/toilet room. No walls/curtain to separate them. You just hope you don't spray
the TP and get it all wet while you're showering. And you have to squeegie
the floor after so there isn't water
left everywhere.