Monday, May 27, 2013

50 days to 50k


Did you know that by supporting us financially, you are also supporting dozens of other missionary families in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania? 

You see, we have to raise support to live on next year. And yes, that money will go towards normal living expenses like rent, food, utilities, etc. but really, it goes so much further. By raising our own support, we are helping Haven of Peace by reducing their costs (teacher salary), which allows them to offer an affordable education to missionary families. 

The other local international school in Dar is about $25,000/year. Sound affordable on a missionary budget? HOPAC is somewhere around 7k or so- and missionary families often get about a 40% discount off of that- ALL because of your support!! 

See what I mean? Your gift is truly a gift- for us, and so many others who are serving Christ and spreading the gospel in Tanzania. 

Please visit our fundraising tab to see how you can donate or pledge support. You can also follow the link to the right to the Christian Reformed World Missions webpage (our sending agency). You can donate securely online or see how to mail in your support. 

We have 50 days until we move. We have about $50,000 left to raise. Can you help? 

A HUGE thank you to so many who have helped us already!! We are so humbled and blessed by your generosity! 

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