Monday, May 20, 2013

Q & A

We were given the blessing of sharing about our move and ministry at our evening worship service last night. Thank you to those who came and participated!

We had a great time of Q & A with some good questions asked.

I thought we'd do a Q & A segment on the blog this week. Feel free to ask your questions either in the comment section, or on facebook and Marc and I will answer them throughout the week!


  1. I am so sorry to have missed my first (of many!) questions is:
    How will your new home be like what you are used to in America? How will it be totally Tanzanian in nature?

  2. We have the blessing of moving into an already furnished home - quite a blessing! It is 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a large kitchen with a large storage room off to the left and a large laundry/storage room to the right. There is a washing machine, but no dryer (very expensive to run a dryer, so we'll line-dry clothes). There is a decent sized dining room and spacious living room, and a "garage" which has been converted into a multi-purpose room (i.e. storage). Everything is tile and none of the room are on the same plane meaning that there is a "lip" or a step to every room. It's a bit annoying, but that's about the only annoying feature! There are two important keys to this house: 1) is large enough, but not too large, and 2) it's safe. Gil and Amy have installed numerous safety features which do not 100% prevent break-ins, but give a great peace of mind. Some other features. It does not have central air, but there are two sizable room air conditioners that can be used (most importantly, one in the Master bedroom!). Another huge bonus is that there is a battery backup system AND a generator already installed. These are "luxury" type items as the power is VERY spotty at times, so they provide nice peace of mind when the power goes out. Overall, the house is a perfect fit for our family! We'll have extra space for visitors, and it's a very safe and comfortable house - big, but not too big, small, but not too small. As Goldilocks said, "This one is juuust right!"

  3. Will you have to learn a different language? Or do they speak English there???

  4. The school we will be teaching at is in English, though the language there is swahili. We will attempt to learn as much as possible, so that we can interact more effectively in the surrounding community. Isaac will have a 1x/week swahili class, so he (and the girls) will likely pick it up quicker than we will! :)