Tuesday, June 11, 2013

34 Days to 40K - Financial Update

So, 50 days to raise $50,000 has turned into 34 days to $40,866. Doesn't flow quite as nicely, does it? :)  It's still a large number, but it's shrinking daily!

I originally wrote "So, how'd we do it?" here. Then I realized (once again) that it's not 'us' who is doing this, but only and purely through our Sovereign Lord.

ADJUSTED BUDGET - $5,000 reduced
* We are getting one-way tickets, which is quite a bit less than what we origionally budgeted. We are not sure what this means yet for trying to come home next summer.
* We reduced our ministry budget. This is the money that we would take a student out for coffee with, or have a small group over for a meal. This is money that we would use on situations that may come up where we sense a real, financial need, and are able to give into it. We didn't eliminate this budget item, just reduced it.
* We have a bit in our budget for savings/retirement. Like with most full time jobs where this would be a part of it. We reduced this item.
* We have a car lined up. We know the exact price, instead of an estimate, so we were able to reduce that line item.

OFFERING AT CHURCH - $800 reduced
* On May 18, we were able to take the evening service and share with our congregation and other friends and family about our ministry in TZ. They took an offering on our behalf & raised $800! Our pastor mentioned it being a LONG time since our church has had an evening offering that high - THANK YOU! This happened before our 50 to 50 plea, but hasn't been sent in yet. :)

FORGIVEN DEBT - $50/month or $600/year reduced
* My parents are incredibly giving. They helped us pay for a semester of Marc's college when we had no other loan options. We've been paying them $50/month since the loan was given, and yesterday my parents graciously told us our debt has been forgiven. What an incredible example of grace - we have done NOTHING to deserve this debt being eliminated, yet it's gone. Forgiven. Done. What a gift!

GARAGE SALE - $600 reduced
* We have had 5 days of our garge sale now. Some of that will go to pay off some debt that we're trying to get taken care of before we leave. $600 of it is going to World Missions! Oh, and we had 2 people come by to bring us $50 checks because of my facebook plea!!!

LEMONADE STAND - $94 reduced
This STORY has melted my heart. Please go read it. If you don't get a little bit teary, you might not be human. :) The friend Isaac has had the longest in his short, 5 year old life, besides his cousins, is Ali. Sweet little Ali, with a gentle, thoughtful, giving heart, who might really 'get' this whole move to Africa thing more than my own children do at times. Just go read Ali's moms blog about it. She does a wonderful job explaining it!

My team mate from Mission Year (2001-2002) in Oakland, CA and his wife are in the midst of fundraising, much like us. In August, they are heading from England (where they currently live) to India for missions work. Despite their own need, they sent us $150 for our ministry.

CHURCH GIFT - $1000 reduced
There was a large gift given to church. After our pastor made a plea on our behalf Sunday, the giver called & asked that $1000 of it be given to us. WOW! I have no idea who it was, but THANK YOU!

I got to work this morning & found an envelope with our names on it. With $50 cash inside.

FAMILIES - $600 reduced
Two families gave us checks yesterday, the sum of which is $600! Their generosity is such a blessing and answer to prayer! We got another email from a couple at church who plans to make a gift as well!

PLEDGES - $20/month or $240/year
We received an email from another family that plans to give $20 a month. Monthly pledges are HUGE for us - we plan to be in Africa longer than just 1 year, so we appreciate and desperately need people who will stick with us and support us beyond our first year.

There you have it  - $9134 down. $40,866 to go in 34 days.

If you have contemplated giving, but have not gotten around to it, please consider following the World Missions link to the right & donate online.
We are so grateful for your support, and marvel at how the Lord is moving and give HIM the praise for the money coming in!

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  1. People are amazing! I loved reading this as it does remind you that there are so many giving and loving people in this world. I'm curious about the tshirts you were selling, did those help you in your fundraising efforts?
    God Bless!