Monday, April 6, 2015

What do carpet, street lights & garage sales have in common?

Besides the obvious joy of seeing family and friends this summer in the USA, here are some things I'm looking forward to, in no particular order:

* carpet
* camping
* meijer
* paved roads
* street lights
* orderly traffic
* not living behind a wall
* cooler temps
* as many chocolate chips, black beans and parmesan cheese as I want!
* salads
* fast internet
* garage sales
* parks
* places to take the kids: meijer gardens, zoo, children's museum, skyzone, etc
* farmers market
* going for walks
* ice cream shops
* drinking water out of the tap
* consistent electricity and water
* being light out past 6:30pm
* Wolfgangs (and a whole list of other restaurants...)

Marc agrees with my list, but wanted to add:
* Brewery vivant

Isaac's additions:
* McDonalds
* going to football (soccer) camp
* spending time with family
* having playdates at other people's houses
* going to Legoland (date with auntie Ker)

Hope's additions:
* going ice skating (a date with Auntie Ker)
* going to get ice cream

Geneva's additions:
* children's museum (date with Auntie Ker)
* playing


  1. My children always freak out at drinking water out of the tap!

  2. I can totally relate to your list....