Monday, March 23, 2015

Grace like Rain

"Halleluiah, grace like rain, falls down on me"
This line from the song "Grace Like Rain" was in my mind all day yesterday.

I woke yesterday morning and after looking at the sky thought, "Today is the day - it just HAS to rain today!" There were beautiful, rain-filled clouds in the sky and I just hoped they wouldn't pass us by. It's been hot and dry and the crops need a drink. While the rainy season can bring flooding and other problems with the inadequate infrastructure here, it also is essential to life and food and income!
We've been praying for the rains to come.

During our normal morning routine of the girls playing on the HOPAC playground, I heard Hope joyfully proclaim, "Mommmy! It's raining!" It was light and gentle and we held out our hands to enjoy it. It was a little foretaste of what was coming.

A few hours later we sat in the middle of an all-school assembly. As the speaker was walking to his seat after sharing God's word with us, it started to downpour! The whole school broke into cheers of celebration. It didn't last long, but it was glorious! About an hour later it rained again! 

We sent out our latest prayer letter a week ago. In it, we linked to our financial situation. We gave praise to God for his faithfulness to us in having a great month in February and for a few additional monthly supporters. We also shared that we needed to raise $4000 by April 15th.

We've been praying for the rains to come.

The next day, during my normal routine of checking  email and facebook, I read an email telling us about an $800 gift. I burst into tears and thanked God for his amazing gift and provision. All day I marveled at how great our God is and how much he cares for our needs. I already had peace about this financial situation - a peace that truly was not my own, but God given, and this gift affirmed even more that God was in control. This felt like a downpour of God's grace on us.

(that was written last week when we had working home internet - the rest written today as it's now fixed! Ah life in Dar)

Last week, a friend texted me telling me she had good news for us. I went to her home for coffee the next day.  She explained that a relative of hers was ready to make his yearly contribution to her family, as they also live and minister here in Tanzania on support. The amazing thing is that this year, they did not need all that he was willing to contribute. In an amazingly selfless and gracious act, she asked him to contribute to our family. And he IS, to the tune of 3K. Yes, $3,000. WHAT???  It's almost like God is showing off, isn't it?

 We have been flooded by Gods grace.
$3800 gifted to us within a week or so of sharing our needs publically. Is that not a testimony of God's goodness His love, His provision?
Now, the embarrassing part is that actually, I wrote the wrong number and we need $5000 by April 15, not $4000. So about $1,200 to go in the next few weeks.

But do you think I'm worried after all of this?
"Halleluiah, grace like rain, falls down on me"




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