Monday, December 17, 2012

Spring Break 2013

Marc was able to meet with our Global Engagement Team (GET) from church last week to share our mission & vision for our upcoming move and work in Tanzania. He was very encouraged by being able to share and invite others to join in and partner with us.

The GET approved funds for Marc to take a vision trip to Dar Es Salaam and HOPAC over spring break this year. He will be going for about a week and will possibly be staying with the current Bible teacher and his family. He will get to spend time with Gil (Bible teacher) to go over the Bible classes and curriculum, meet with administrators, look for housing/vehicle and just get a feel for how we can best prepare for our move, including what we need to take and what we can leave behind.

I am so thrilled that he gets to take this trip and equally excited that I can stay home. As much as I am completely excited to move and begin ministry there, the thought of an 8 hour time difference, long, long, long flights and only being there for 6-7 days is not appealing. I'm not a fantastic flier/traveler, so if I'm going to travel that long, I'm staying put for a while. :)

So, who's going to come hang out with me and the kids while Marc is traveling the world?

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