Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Cards

Friends -

We LOVE getting mail. It's a rare, rare occasion around here, so it becomes a big deal.

I just wanted to give you all our address, in case you don't know where to find it or never had it to begin with, in case, you know, you are thinking about maybe, possibly, sending us Christmas cards. :)

I've found that because our kids are so young, they are forgetting what friends back home look like. And as we pray for our friends, family, supporters back home, it's so great to have pictures to go along with names. We would love to cover our walls with pictures of you all!

Please send us your family Christmas card/letter!!!

C/O Driesenga
P.O. Box 70027
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

It takes a bit longer to get mail here, but know that even if we get your card in March, we'll still be so excited and grateful!


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