Sunday, June 1, 2014

Group Visit: Tuesday

Tuesday Marc went to work and Isaac to school. We had a bit of time in the morning for some coffee and then ventured over to the Nuru Center, which is a center for diabled folks - many of them deaf. Some of them live on sight, but others commute and just come during the day. They make craft items to sell as a source of income. A post will come someday when I know more about the true limits of those with diasbilities here in TZ.

We were able to hear a bit about the center, and then sit with the folks and work on craft items with them. It ranged from cutting strips of paper to make beads, making bead, sanding wood pieces and watching Geneva and another baby play. :) Despite one of the staff telling me (in sign language) that I've gained weight since he last saw me, we had a great time! Ha! He said I must like Chipati (similar to tortillas) a lot!


We stopped by HOPAC for a quick bite to eat at the snack bar and to pick up my dear friend, Trudie. She works at HOPAC as one of the Service Learning Coordinators, and her husband is our pastor, so she wears many, many important hats! She has connections in the community, and our group from WMC had collected books to bring to a school and an orphanage.

Trudie took us to Benaco school which is about a 10 - 15 minute drive from HOPAC. There is a group from our school that goes to this school to read to the students in English, so it was fitting that we were able to visit and bring little kids books in English for them to read!

After meeting with the principal of the school, Jake, Kyle and Selina all got to take turns reading a book to one of the classes. This school has over 1, 250 student and has 6 classrooms. There are 60+ kids per class with one teacher.

We returned home and got supplies ready for my neighbor kids to come over. The WMC group brought tons of craft supplies and a few simple games (Go Fish & Memory), so we had an extra special play time with the kids.


We ate an AMAZING Tanzanian soup, called Kande, made again by Lucy. She said it's a special soup they eat on Good Friday and she maybe has it 3 times a year. It's amazing. I'll write up her recipe in a future post.

Does all of this sound amazing? Are you temped to come for a visit yet?

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