Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your spring cleaning might = Our wish List

We have a few visitors coming in just under a month & they are able to take a few tubs for us!! So, it's wish list time once again.

If you happen to have any of these USED items laying around your house that you're looking to part with, please let us know! My sister is going to get a tub together and hand it off to our visitors in a few weeks.

* Bed sheets - double and queen or king TOP sheets (our mattress will be an odd size, so we have to use top sheets tucked in)

* bean bag covers (1-2)

* Bath mats (3)

* Beach towels (2-4)

* Big pots

* cookie sheets

* guitar stand (small/collapsable)

And if you happen to go to Meijer & want to pick up any of these, we'd love you for it:

* chocolate chips

* bags of dried black beans

* parmesan cheese

* Candy of any kind

* fruit snacks

* dry/powder flavored creamer

I will likely think of more, but just wanted to get a list going in case anyone is beginning their spring cleaning!


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