Friday, January 3, 2014


Hello friends & family!

Look for an update soon of our first Christmas in Tanzania!

Until then, however, we wanted to share with you our wish list. Our dear friend, Kelly, is coming to visit us in about four weeks and is able to take with her some wish list items. Many of you have expressed interest in cutting down our costs by contributing an item or two, and we are SO THANKFUL!!

I thought I would post the list here so you can take a gander & see if you might even have an itme laying around your house collecting dust. :)

Please let us know if you plan to get something, so that we can avoid duplicates!
Also, if you can plan to get this to Kelly in Grand Rapids before January 20ish that would be great. Contact me for her email/phone.  She lives near Burton/Breton. Likely you can leave it on her front porch anytime and she'll get it.  

* 4 bags of dry black beans

* 2 containers parmesan cheese

* fruit snacks for the kids

* Cindy Suds (diaper rash cream - Hopscotch) -

* crayons 

* Construction paper

* pipe cleaners & other craft supplies (even on sale Christmas stuff from hobby lobby  - kits, etc)

* scrapbooking paper of fun designs or cardstock

* Size 1-2 crocs for Isaac (new or used!) design of it doesn't matter, just has to have a back strap of some sort

* Pots & pans (our personal ones stored at my parents are TOO heavy to put in a suitcase, but we need some. Used are great, as long as they're not too heavy. Just put this on here in case anyone sees something at goodwill, is getting rid of theirs. We don't have a TON of space, but a pot or two might be good)

* DVD's (new or used)- especially TV shows for the kids. We're all tired of the 3 Dora DVDs we have :) We have other movies too, but would love TV shows so we don't have to put on a whole movie.

* rechargeable AAA batteries (Eneloop brand)

* Speedo bathing suit for Gretchen (for coaching swimming - email for specifics - $50-$75) -

* Projector (email for specifics - in the $200-$300 price range)

* Home security system (email for specifics in the $150-$250 price range)

* Work out capris or long bball type shorts for Gretchen (size M or 10)

* Marc would LOVE some specific posters for his classroom ($20-$40 range - email for specifics)

* iHome of some sort so we can play music in the house(new or used - for a 30PIN classic iPod!)

* amazon gift cards/itunes gift cards are always welcome

* Hand Burr coffee grinder (especially useful when the powers out & we want coffee - we could hand grind it!)

* 3 OLD SPICE SWEAT DEFENSE extra strong Anti-perspirant & deoderant


  1. I will grab crayons, construction paper, craft supplies!

  2. I have some short movies/shows on DVD that I will drop off at Kelly's.

  3. Gretchen, I will get some cardstock paper and scrapbooking paper. I also can round up one or two cartoon DVDs to give you.

  4. HI Gretchen,
    Bree here. I would be more than happy to send some DVDs. As i am currently living in China a DVD will cost me about $2 a piece. So I'll send a variety of kids films, tv shows and some grown up ones too.
    Unfortunately, as i don't have children, i"m not sure what is age appropriate. (Though i will guess that Jersey Shore is not what you have in mind.:) Can you facebook me with some titles that you would like - the sky is really the limit because i can ask my DVD store guy to copy anything. Veggie tales, Blues clues, you name it. don't forget the videos you'd like to see too!
    I'll also need your mailing address because I'll send directly from Shanghai.
    I hope you are all well and enjoyed your first family foreign Christmas!