Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving day with MANY friends here in TZ. We joined over 40 others in the afternoon for a delicious meal with all the fixin's! I brought a corn bake/casserole and 2 whole chickens. A turkey here costs about 114,000tsh, which equals about $71. And for 40+ people, you'd need more than one. And we're missionaries. SOOOO, we brought chicken instead. Though, our hosts for the day did make a turkey breast that many did enjoy!
Thanksgiving number 1!

 We zipped home to put a casserole in the oven & then headed to Thanksgiving #2 with some other dear friends. We brought a sweet potato casserole, rolls and a apple/cranberry sauce crumble. The crumble was not my favorite, but the sweet potato casserole was great! I was a little nervous making it with white sweet potatoes, but it went over well. I'll likely put it into regular rotation of my meal planning.

Geneva rarely makes it through a day in clothes. She's just so sticky and gets so dirty!

The kids rush to the freezer to get a frozen juice for dessert. Because yes, it is that hot.

Thanksgiving with the ocean in the background. Can't say we've ever experienced that before!

Marc's 'no shave november' stache & Geneva munching on a roll.

Thanksgiving outside.



So thankful for the community here to celebrate with, even through we certainly missed family back home!

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