Saturday, April 6, 2013


This year I have a fifth grade student who has joined our middle school youth group. He only has one other student in his grade at our church, and she is not always around, so he has lacked community and friendships within the church. Thus, we invited him to join the older kids and get an early start in youth goup! He is a sweet, sweet boy and a joy to have as a part of Breakaway.

A few weeks ago, his mom approached me and said that he had a special gift to give me, and could we possibly find a few minutes at the Chili Cook off. Of course! I was very curious.

So a few days later at the Chili cook off, I found them. We stepped into a corner, and I was handed a brightly colored gift bag. It was slightly heavier than I expected.

They explained to me that at school the students had been challenged to GO MAD (Make A Difference). He had decided to sell donuts at school on a Friday in February.

He raised $70.

For me.

For our move to Africa.

Talk about completely humbled and blown away. What a generous, sweet, thoughtful kid. Wow.

So, shhhh, don't tell him yet (if you know him), but Marc took that $70 with him to Africa. He spent it on goods at the local market that we are going to sell at our craft show this weekend. I CANNOT wait to sell the items, and then tell this amazing kid that his money was hopefully DOUBLED or perhaps TRIPLED!

If that doesn't make you want to come and shop at my booth at the craft show, I'm not sure what will! :)

Here are a few pictures of what Marc bought for us to sell!

1800 PLYMOUTH AVE SE, 49506

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