Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Picture Challenge

For the month of November, I will be sharing a few photos each day to give you a better glimpse into life here. As we are leading up to Thanksgiving, they will sometimes coordinate with things I am thankful for! Show me grace if I miss a day or two - I already missed 2 days of November with a computer that wasn't working!

November 3 - Today I am thankful for our Church here in TZ, God's Tribe.

We visited a few different churches in our first six weeks here. Marc met a co-teacher from HOPAC during orientation who was actually here in Dar to plant a church and only teaching on the side. Through that connection, we were invited to God's Tribe.

We went, not knowing AT ALL what to expect.

We left that morning both saying, "We're in".

The Bible and gospel are clearly taught, the community is genuine, the Spirit is at work and we felt immediately at home. What an answer to prayer!!

God's Tribe is a church plant and was launched officially on September 8th, though the leadership core have been meeting for months to pray and worship together. We feel incredibly blessed by this new community and hope you all come visit so you can join us for worship! :)

As a church plant, we don't have our own location. We currently rent Azura Gym on Sunday mornings. It is a work-out facility right on the ocean. Our church meets in what I'm guessing is a room for classes of some sort. One of the walls is all mirrors :) This is one of the views from our location.

There is a Tiny Tots area for 1-2 year olds, a Little Sparks class for 2-4 year olds, which Hope LOVES, and another class for 5-10 year olds that Isaac is a part of.

This morning, God's Tribe had it's first three baptisms! How awesome to celebrate with new believers! Here you see our Pastors & leaders, Sheshi Kaniki and Kelvin Massingham.  There were a few swimmers in the pool doing lessons that had to move for us to do the baptisms. Ah, the joys of renting a location! :)

A view of our church outside witnessing the baptisms. Marc and I are currently serving on the greeting team, as well as functioning as ushers/offering collectors/communion distributors. I am also  a part of the worship team and a Friday morning ladies prayer meeting. Marc meets with some of the core men on Tuesday mornings at 5:30am before they all head off to work.

Another view of the location of church. This is where we have tea, coffee & biscuits (cookies) after the worship service and spend time fellowshipping with one another.

We've given up on putting shoes on Hope on Sundays. As soon as she steps foot onto the sand, they're gone so we just leave them in the car now.
So as you can see, we're really roughing it here in Dar. :) Truth be told, our church and this location combined truly feel like a haven of peace in the midst of a city that can be overwhelming and hard to live in. The beauty of the ocean, trees, sand, people, worship, prayer, and the gospel are needed each week to sustain us for the ministry God has called us to here.
We are so thankful for God's Tribe!


  1. Love this. Honestly, this is the part I most look forward to experiencing with you when I visit. Well..apart from actually seeing and hugging you all!

  2. Loved reading about your church - what a blessing to have found such a wonderful church family already!!